Beyond Compare 4.3 Beta for Mac

64-bit build for Mojave and Catalina

The purpose of this beta is to test our 64-bit version for Mac.  It is a significant rewrite of the previous version, due to necessary changes in our development toolset.  As such, it likely has many bugs to work out.  Do not use it on important data unless you have a backup.

If you are using High Sierra (OS X 10.13) or older, we prefer that you use version 4.2 instead.

Reporting Issues

If you find problems with the beta, you can send us an email or post on our support forums.  But before you do, please check our list of known issues.

Download the Beta

Current Version:  4.3.0 beta, build 24076, released June 19, 2019

.Download   24288kb

US flag English only.    Includes Standard and Pro Editions.
A full list of changes since Version 4.2 is in the Beta Log

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